Sunday 15th May 2016

​Heart Valve Voice in partnership with Everton in the Community (EitC) will be offering free heart valve disease check-ups for Everton fans and the wider Merseyside community on the 15th May. Using a handheld, painless digital stethoscope heart sounds will also be donated to the club. These will be put to music and played at fixtures and corporate events. The heart sound will be the heart beat of the club!

Heart Valve Voice aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart valve disease by raising awareness of its severity and the need for timely detection. We know that heart valve disease represents a significant health challenge in the UK, with approximately 1 million people over 65 years of age thought to suffer from the condition.

Trained professionals will use a handheld digital stethoscope to record the heart beat and anyone over 60 will have their heart-sound file checked by a leading UK cardiologist. Heart valve disease is a very treatable condition, but firstly it needs to be diagnosed in a timely manner. Most patients can now be treated very successfully and can resume their lives.

Wil Woan, Heart Valve Voice CEO said ‘“ We are proud to work with EitC and raise awareness of heart valve disease, so please come down to the Everton Free School between 12noon and 3pm on the 15th May and have your free check up and donate your heart beat to your club!”

The more we listen, the more lives we save!