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Heart Valve Voice's St Paul's Cathedral Climb

On 5 December, the Heart Valve Voice team will be inviting patients, clinicians and volunteers to join them on a climb to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Inspired by one of our patient ambassadors Peter Robinson, the group, including Peter, will tackle the 528 steps to the top of the Dome in St Paul’s.

With the event we are hoping to further our quest in raising awareness of not only heart valve disease but also of the symptoms that accompany it. One of the key symptoms of valve disease is breathlessness and often our patients tell us one of the struggles they experienced before they are treated for valve disease was finding themselves getting breathless while climbing the stairs in their home. By asking our patients to participate in a climb of the St Paul’s steps, they are helping us demonstrate that valve disease treatment can be a life changing thing and that climbing stairs no longer needs to be an issue.

“Peter is a true inspiration not only to us at Heart Valve Voice but to all of the patients that have read his story,” said Wil Woan, Heart Valve Voice CEO. “By having Peter and our other patients join us on this climb we hope to show everyone that valve disease is not only treatable but that you can get your life back and then some after being treated!”

Along with Peter, some of the other participants that will be joining us on the day will be Peter’s clinician, Mr Michael Sabetai, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, fellow patient ambassadors Pat Khan, Marina McGrath and Sue Jardine and other clinicians and volunteers.

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