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Heart Valve Voice is a collection of people with real experiences of heart valve disease, including a multi-disciplinary group of experts in the field (cardiologists,
cardiac surgeons, GPs), cardiac patient societies and patients.

Heart Valve Voice is the UK’s dedicated heart valve disease charity. We work with patients and clinicians to help increase the awareness of heart valve disease in the UK and improve diagnosis and treatment. 

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Heart Valve Disease

Visit this section to find out about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Heart Valve Disease.

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November 17, 2020
A Statement From CEO Wil Woan "Delaying Treatment now will lead to worse outcomes"
A recent British Heart Foundation study has found that between March and October there were over 5000 excess deaths from heart problems in the UK. These numbers are of great concern, and it is essential that we limit the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 on the care of patients with heart valve disease. This means that: patients must know that they should go to the doctor if they are experiencing symptoms of breathlessness, dizziness or fatigue; primary care must refer patients in a timely manner; and secondary care must maximise treatment capacity.
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