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Heart Valve Voice Spring Conference Season

We are starting off spring by getting back into conference mode and have already signed on to a few conferences over the next few weeks.

The first conference we are due to attend will be the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) Annual Meeting on the 18-20 March in Glasgow. The SCTS Annual Meeting brings together surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, surgical care practitioners, physiotherapists, child governance leads, database managers and allied health professionals to discuss and learn about all aspects of cardiothroacic surgery. Heart Valve Voice will not only be presenting at the conference but we have also put together a team of clinicians and volunteers to represent Heart Valve Voice at the football tournament on the 17th.

“The SCTS Annual Meeting is a great way for us to connect with clinicians from all over Europe,” said Wil Woan, Heart Valve Voice CEO. “The more clinicians we get behind us the more information and guidance we can provide to patients. We also get to represent our patients at conferences like these and spread their messages to a wider audience of professionals.”

“It is so important for charities like Heart Valve Voice to attend these meetings and conferences because because it provides clinicians with a patient perspective and helps us to see how the public interpret diseases like valve disease” said Govind Chetty, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

Our second conference of the year will see us at the Pulse Live Conference in London from the 27-28 March.

The Pulse Live Conference connects primary care professionals including all practising, GMC-registered GPs and trainees. Diagnosing valve disease begins with primary care as many cases of the disease are detected through a stethoscope exam after a visit to the GP. This conference will give us the opportunity to meet with primary care professionals and spread the messages that we have provided in our Primary Care Guidelines. We are looking forward to sharing our work with those in attendance during our presentation and hope to make some valuable connections in the world of primary care.

“As GPs are often the first point of contact for patients with valve disease it is great to know that organisations like Heart Valve Voice are encouraging the public to have their hearts checked,” said Chris Arden, GP/GPSI Cardiology. “We need more patients to understand what the red flag symptoms of valve disease are so they are getting checked by their GP sooner rather than later and Heart Valve Voice is doing some great work to ensure that many more people are aware of heart valve disease.”

Heart Valve Voice are scheduled to attend a number of conferences throughout the coming year and we will keep you updated on each one.

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Heart valve disease is caused by either wear, disease or damage of one or more of the heart’s valves, affecting the flow of blood through the heart.