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Gerry Kijak

Friday 16th March 2018

Since hearing from Gerry about a year ago, we recently caught up with him and it sounds like he hasn’t stopped since his valve disease treatment! 15 trips in total in the last two years!

Gerry and his lovely wife have been keeping themselves very busy ensuring they make the most of their time. They have been travelling the world visiting places like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and most recently Martinique!

After a lengthy visit in Martinique, three months to be exact, Gerry and his wife came home to a winter wonderland. Based in Solihull, they were greeted at the airport by none other than The Beast From the East! They soon found out that their home had been hit with six foot high snow drifts and they couldn’t get through the front door.

Gerry set to work digging a pathway to their front door and two hours later they managed to get inside their house. Unfortunately the storm had impacted not only the outside but the inside of their home! They found they had no heating and a small flood had occurred, but the two persevered and they have finally got themselves back to normal and are busy again planning their next holiday.

“It was quite a shock to go from such lovely warm weather to a full on snowstorm when we got back to Solihull, I never imagined having to shovel so much snow,” said Gerry. “I wasn’t phased however, and felt fitter than ever digging that pathway. I really owe so much to Mr Rooney (Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, University Hospitals Birmingham) my surgeon who made it possible for me to be able to dig my family out of situations like this!”

We are so glad you are safe and sound Gerry and happy travels!