Stuart Grant gives a stethoscope exam.jpg

Stuart Grant gives a stethoscope exam

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Stuart Grant, Specialist Trainee Cardiothoracic Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, tells us what he has learned from his work and why raising awareness of heart valve disease is so important.

I’m really looking forward to heading out on the road with the Heart Valve Voice team. I’ve done a few events with the charity in the past and appreciate the work they do in helping to raise awareness of heart valve disease in the UK. It is really important that the public have a better understanding of the disease and its symptoms so that we can treat patients sooner and more effectively.

As a Specialist Trainee in Cardiothoracic Surgery, I see many patients with different types of heart disease and have seen first hand how effective treatment can be, particularly on patients with heart valve disease. I am fascinated with the heart and how it works, fails and by the different techniques we can use to fix it which is why cardiothroacic surgery is as rewarding as it is challenging. On a daily basis I am involved in complex and major surgical procedures including those involving heart valve disease patients and I get a lot out of seeing my patients and the immensely positive changes they make following their surgery.

I am very optimistic about my training and the future of my specialty. I am always learning about new and innovative surgical techniques and about ways in which we can improve outcomes for very sick and older patients.

On the subject of training, I am also optimistic about my training for this cycle ride and am confident that I will be able to keep up with the team - as long as there aren't too many hills!