Below are the six fundamental objectives that drive all of the work we do:

1) Raise awareness of the symptoms of heart valve disease in the UK in order to save lives and improve quality of life.

HVV Recommendation 1 - Include Heart Valve Disease in the NHS Strategies for Cardiovascular Disease

2) Increase the awareness of symptoms of heart valve disease such as breathlessness and dizziness and improve diagnosis.

HVV Recommendation 2 - Campaign to Raise Awareness of Heart Valve Disease

3) Work towards ensuring there is a clear and effective treatment pathway between primary care, secondary care and expert heart teams to ensure more effective management of the disease.

HVV Recommendation 3 - Increase GP Consultation Time for Over 75s

4) Effectively campaign for early diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease across the UK.

HVV Recommendation 4 - Improve Referrals and Follow Up Between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care

5) Provide credible, independent and practical advice and information about heart valve disease to all those concerned with the disease.

HVV Recommendation 5 - Heart Valve Treatment Equality for the UK

6) Represent the UK’s heart valve disease patients to help ensure that they receive the best treatment at the right time, improving quality of life and overall outcome for each individual.

HVV Recommendation 6 - Fair Treatment for All in the UK