International Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2021

International Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2021

Friday 13th August 2021

International Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2021 is one month away, and we need your support to make this the biggest Awareness Week ever!

This year, #ValveWeek21 is about raising awareness of the symptoms of valve disease and encouraging anyone who feels breathless, dizzy or fatigued to go to the GP and ask for a stethoscope check.

We want to think about how these symptoms impact people’s everyday lives. For example, has your breathlessness made your staircase feel like climbing a mountain? Have you stopped walking the dog because you keep feeling too tired or fatigued to do it? Have you stopped playing with your grandchildren because it’s making you feel dizzy? 

When these small, everyday tasks feel more like a big ordeal, you must listen to your heart because it could be heart valve disease. 

In the UK, #ValveWeek21 will blend digital and in-person activities. We’ll be hosting an Awareness event at Old Trafford Cricket Ground and inviting anyone attending England vs India to come and have their heart listened to. In addition, we’ll be hosting another Virtual Patient Congress, where the valve disease community will come together to listen and learn from one another. We have a suite of activities for how patients can get involved and help us raise awareness of the condition. 

To make it the best Awareness Week on record, we need your help!! So if you’re living with valve disease, or waiting to be treated for valve disease, get in touch and get involved. Or, if you’re a clinician or work with valve disease patients, get in touch and get involved. From giving your support on social media to talking about valve disease at a testing event or sharing your story to our patient community, there are a host of ways you can get involved to support #ValveWeek21.

Heart Valve Voice pride itself on the strength of our valve disease community. With your support, we can make #ValveWeek21 a huge success. The better the success, the more people can educate on the symptoms of valve disease and the more lives we can save. 

So email today and find out how you can get involved.