What is heart valve disease, how can it be treated?

Aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation are two of the most common forms of heart valve disease. Here, Professor Ben Bridgewater and GP Dr Jarir Amarin, explain the symptoms and potential treatments.

What is Heart Valve Disease?

Missed opportunities and diagnosis

The symptoms of aortic stenosis can sometimes be mistaken as being simply part of the ageing process. GP, Dr Jarir Amarin, explains that the disease can be diagnosed by effective use of the stethoscope and he suggests important moments when patients should be screened for aortic stenosis.



Time to Treat

Professor Ben Bridgewater and GP Dr Jarir Amarin explain why it's important to start thinking about heart valve disease. All the work Heart Valve Voice is doing to tackle the problems heart valve disease patients are facing in the UK.

Time to Treat