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Marina on her bike

Thursday 19th April 2018

This time last year, Marina had never even heard of Heart Valve Voice. Now one year on she is a valued member of our Patient Action Group, she’s represented patients in a Medical Technology Group briefing with Professor Huon Gray, NHS National Clinical Director for Heart Disease, she has climbed to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral and is has now signed up as a member of our Heart Valve Voice Cycle Team!

The cycle ride will see Marina and her fellow teammates cycle from London to the Euro PCR Conference in Paris over three days in May. Leaving on the 21st, the team will set out from downtown London and make their way across the French countryside to finish the cycle ride on main stage at Euro PCR, one of the world’s largest cardiology conferences.

“I never would have imagined this time last year that I would be training for a cycle ride from London to Paris, but I’m very excited that I am,” said Marina. “Everyone is so supportive of my training and my co-workers have really been encouraging me. Wil (Woan, CEO Heart Valve Voice) has told me that I can cycle as little or as much as I want, but I’m aiming to cycle the whole thing (within reason of course haha)!”

Marina has started her training and has been on three good cycle rides already. We will continue to provide updates of how our riders are doing on our website and social media feeds. We have no doubt that you’ll be leading the pack in France Marina, keep up the good work!

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