Elske Simpson

Elske Simpson

Monday 8th March 2021

I started working at Heart Valve Voice fresh out of University and I began in an administrative role before very quickly started moving up to bigger responsibilities, and I am now a Head of Programmes and completing a level 4 apprenticeship in Project Management.

International Women’s Day and equal rights have been very important to my adult life stemming from a childhood growing up with two very opinionated, and sometimes stubborn, sisters. Finding a job and an organisation that understands the importance of empowering their women employees has been imperative to my professional and personal growth.

Through the mentorship scheme at Heart Valve Voice, I was offered an apprenticeship in Project Management that has been a huge opportunity for me to learn and grow. I've been given chances to learn new skills, shadowing jobs, and have been offered the opportunity to work in many different areas of the organisation outside of my job description. This has meant I’ve been able to improve my skills and my employability. Next to that, Heart Valve Voice has been supportive above and beyond just my professional development, by providing healthcare benefits, emotional support and regular check-ins in a challenging Covid world.

All in all, Heart Valve Voice is not all talk, but they act on providing equal opportunities for women. Schemes, fast-tracking employees and mentorships are long-term commitments. International Women’s Day is just one day of the year, but as I continue to move on in my career, I hope I can pass on all the positive things I learnt from Heart Valve Voice to women I work with in the future.