Ian Berry 25 for 25

Ian Berry 25 for 25

Sunday 17th May 2020

Heart Valve Voice advocate, Ian, has challenged himself to cycle 25 miles every day for 25 days to raise awareness of heart valve disease. With 14 days of cycling in his legs, Ian gave us this update.

“Just back from my ride, another 300 + km this week, that’s now 14 days on the trot and a total of 634km. According to Google Maps the land distance between Sandhurst where I live and Paris, is around 310Km so effectively I have ridden ‘virtually’ there and back. Anything from now onwards is, therefore, bonus miles!

By my calculations, the land distance from home to Chamonix in the French Alps is 1100 km (680 miles), so that seems a reasonable ‘virtual’ target and is where I will hopefully be for Christmas / New Year with my family - world willing.

So far the weather has been kind, albeit the wind has made it tough some days, but at least it’s not cold. As I approach a year since I was treated for valve disease, I appreciate the work the team at Royal Brompton did so much - I really feel I can push myself now and battle through the wall. I hope future patients share a similar valve disease story to me, and with Heart Valve Voice working hard to make sure everyone receives the best care possible, I’m sure there’ll be many more who will.

So all is well, no sore bits and no heart issues - so onward we travel!”

Thanks for the update, Ian. Good luck with Week 3, we look forward to reading your next update.

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