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Heart Valve Voice at England vs Pakistan Cricket, 22nd-24th July

Friday 22nd July 2016

Heart Valve Voice and the Lancashire County Cricket Club Foundation (LCCCF) will host a free heart valve disease check-up event at the England vs Pakistan match (22nd-24th July) at Emirates Old Trafford to raise awareness of heart valve disease.

During the check-up event, fans aged 55 and over can have their heart checked by a healthcare professional with a stethoscope – the easiest way to detect heart valve disease. We will also be engaging with younger fans, encouraging them to be mindful of the symptoms of valve disease when visiting parents and grandparents, and show support for our Voices campaign.

Heart Valve Voice ran a similar check-up event last August. Among the fans screened was Sky Sports’ David (Bumble) Lloyd who encouraged fans on the day to get their heart checked. Following his check-up David said: “Heart valve disease can affect anyone, no matter how fit you have been. If you find yourself getting breathless, dizzy or have chest tightness, get yourself checked out by your GP. I’m glad my check-up was clear, but I’m going to ask my GP to listen to my heart with a stethoscope on a regular basis from now on because when it comes to heart valve disease, if you miss it, you’re out.”

Heart valve disease is a serious condition that affects more than one million over 65s in the UK and if left untreated it can prove fatal within two years. However, many associate symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue and dizzy spells with old age and therefore do not get their heart checked during GP consultations. The condition is often left undiagnosed and untreated, so raising the profile of the valve disease within the general public is crucial. Our recent Heart Health Survey demonstrated this.