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16 February 2024

In a landmark moment for the heart valve disease community, Heart Valve Voice proudly announces the election of its new Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Phill Read. With an unmatched determination to support patients, and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by patients, Phill marks a significant milestone as the first patient to lead the charity’s Board.

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29 February 2024

In a testament to her determination, Marina McGrath, a passionate advocate for Heart Valve Voice, marked the end of her remarkable fundraising walk today, leaving a trail of inspiration in her wake. The conclusion of Marina's journey not only marks her personal triumph but is also a symbol of the power of positive ageing and life after heart valve disease treatment. 

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14 February 2024

As a ‘mostly retired’ Cardiologist, I find myself reflecting on heart valve disease (HVD) and the changes related to it that have occurred over the past decade. Whilst well recognised by specialists for many decades, levels of awareness of HVD in the general population has been low, with detection and diagnosis often occurring late, making treatment less effective. However, I am pleased to see that awareness of these conditions is at last improving, and there is the prospect of more people who are currently undetected being diagnosed and referred for specialist care. There is still a long way to go, and far too many people are still living with heart valve conditions that are undiagnosed, but improvements in detection and particularly advances in treatment technologies, are changing the landscape, and it is welcome that the NHS has recognised this in its Long Term Plan (2019).

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07 February 2024

Heart disease claims millions of lives each year around the world, and the impact on individuals, families, and communities is immeasurable. Heart Month shines a spotlight on heart disease, and looks at how we can promote awareness of the disease and save lives in the future.

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05 February 2024

In a bittersweet moment for Heart Valve Voice, we announce the departure of our esteemed Chairman, Professor Simon Ray, as he embarks on a new and exciting chapter in his professional journey as National Clinical Director for Heart Disease.

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01 February 2024

This Heart Month, Heart Valve Voice launch our new Know Your Heart campaign, an educational campaign that will offer knowledge and insight into all aspects of a patients heart valve disease journey.

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