Just going for a heart check can be an anxious and scary time. At Heart Valve Voice, we encourage anyone who feels breathless, lightheadness on exertion, feeling older than your age, or generally weary to get a stethoscope check. But recognising the symptoms and thinking something is wrong can be scary.

Whatever your fears are, while heart valve disease is serious, it is treatable. And at the moment of that stethoscope check, your heart health is out of your control, what is in your control is knowing what is going on and taking the right steps to remedy that.

If you feel nervous or anxious about getting the check tell the staff at your GP clinic, who will help put your mind at ease. You could also bring a friend, family member or neighbour with you to get the check. What’s most important is that you get the check to ensure your heart is healthy!

Robert Fowler said “I had my heart listened to on the Your Heart Matters bus, and while I was nervous the alternative is so much worse. I feel so lucky I got on the bus as my heart problem could have turned into a heart attack, stroke or heart failure. I would urge anyone who experiences any symptoms of valve disease to get a stethoscope check – you might find something that could save your life.”