In the United Kingdom, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of mortality among women, claiming the lives of approximately 28,000 women annually.

Statistics reveal that women are more likely to die within the first year following a heart attack compared to men. Studies suggest that women with aortic stenosis are less likely to be admitted to a cardiology bed, are less likely to see a cardiologist and will undergo fewer echos than their male counterparts. There still remains a perception that heart disease is a men’s health issue. However, with timely treatment, outcomes for women are better.

We asked some of our patient advocates for their perspective on this issue, and what could be done to help improve outcomes for future patients. 

Here’s what they said:

If you or anyone you know experince symptoms of heart disease you must contact your doctor immediately. 

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Leading female heart clinicians are guiding the way in combatting gender inequalites. Structural Heart Valve Nurse Specialist, Lauren Deegan said: