For some patients this is the most challenging part of their pathway, the anxious wait for your procedure might feel like an eternity, but you are now on your way to the final stages of your journey. Many patients have said that they understand that the clinicians do this procedure all the time, but not to them, this is their first, that is perfectly valid feeling. You are entitled to feel anxious and scared.

Distraction can be a key tool to riding out the waiting, many patients tell us that getting prepared for life after valve replacement helped them during this time.

There are support groups available online for you to discuss your feelings with other patients, or you can speak to one of our Patient Advocates about their experience. You can also ask questions on our Health Unlocked page, link here, where other people go to find support from people who have experienced valve disease treatment.

Lastly, this may seem like a foreign concept right now, but get excited! You are about to have treatment to feel better, that is something to look forward to. Visualise all the things you will be able to do after your treatment and hold onto that image in your head as you’re nearly there.

British Heart Foundation have resources to support you during this process, which you can find here, and they also offer a support line where you can contact one of their nurses to ask any questions you may have.