Recovering from heart valve disease presents its own unique challenges. Many patients undergo treatment and never look back, enjoying their life symptom free. However for some it can take a little longer to feel themselves, with many people saying it is a very isolating time.

It is normally to feel overwhelmed with emotion after your procedure. Not only is your body recovering but your mind is too. Major surgery can be a traumatic time, but mental health support is available if you feel you need it. The NICE Guidelines for Heart Valve Disease state that mental health support should be made available, so if you’re finding it hard contact your doctor and ask for help.

These feelings can happen straight away, or months down the line.

Victor said “I found a few months after my treatment that my mental wellbeing was really suffering. It was like the world had stayed the same but I have changed, this new thing inside me had changed me forever. It was a lot to deal with.

Many patients tell us that the best thing they did was talk to family and friends, and to earmark some time every day to check in with themselves and reflect on how they’re feeling.

Nothing makes you feel like embracing the next step in your life than seeing the benefits of your treatment. Throw yourself into Cardiac Rehab classes, and before long you will be feeling fitter than ever. It might give you the physical and mental boost you need, and many patients carry on the exercise long after their treatment.