What we do

Events at Heart Valve Voice come in all shapes and sizes. From local community groups, to roundtables in the House of Parliament, our work in raising awareness of heart valve disease is far reaching. As a patient-led charity, we invite those affected by heart valve disease to join us up and down the country to talk about their experiences. Nothing is more powerful than the lived experience of someone who is affected by heart valve disease. and it is that experience that we want to harness to increase the power of our awareness drives.

Our advocates are our lifeblood, so if you want to get more involved or find out what events we are attending near you email admin@heartvalvevoice.com

What you can do

Heart Valve Voice attend events up and down the country, but we can also help you organise your own local events. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for new and upcoming events across the UK. 


As a charity, we rely on donations and grants to continue our work. Some of our advocates like to organise fundraising events to raise awareness of heart valve disease and donate money to Heart Valve Voice. Every single pound donated to Heart Valve Voice is appreciated, and all money donated is used to help raise awareness of heart valve disease and improve the detection diagnosis and treatment of the condition. 

“Six days in and I’m still enjoying it every day. We’ll see how my legs are on day twenty!! Thank you to everyone who has donated money so far. Heart Valve Voice did an awful lot for my family and me when I was unwell, and I just wanted to do something to give a bit back to them and show my appreciation.”
[Ian Berry – 25 for 25 Challenge]