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507, 2024

Heart Valve Voice Celebrates Marina’s Scafell Pike Triumph

5 July 2024|Categories: News|

Heart Valve Voice is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievement of Marina, a heart valve disease patient who has successfully conquered the challenge of climbing Scafell Pike! Despite the scale and difficulty of the climb, Marina fought through, with her determination showcasing the possibilities of life after heart valve disease treatment. Marina said, "Reaching the summit of Scafell Pike was more than just a personal achievement; it was a testament to what we can overcome with the right support and spirit. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and supported me on this journey! This was my toughest challenge [...]

3105, 2024

Heart Valve Voice Celebrates Milestone: SLOW Symptom Awareness Video Reaches One Million Views

31 May 2024|Categories: News|

Heart Valve Voice proudly announces that its educational video "SLOW" has reached an impressive milestone of one million views. The video, launched as part of a broader campaign to raise awareness about heart valve disease, aims to educate the public on recognising key symptoms through the acronym SLOW: Shortness of breath, Lightheadedness on exertion, feeling Older than your years, and Weary. The video’s success underscores the critical need for increased awareness and early detection of heart valve disease, which affects nearly 1.5 million over 65s across the UK. By reaching this significant viewership milestone, Heart Valve Voice hopes to continue spreading [...]

1005, 2024

Dr Yassir Javaid: Recognising and Addressing Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease

10 May 2024|Categories: Blog, News|

As a clinician who works across primary and secondary care, I've encountered countless patients whose lives have been significantly impacted by heart valve disease. Recognising the symptoms early on and seeking timely medical attention can make a huge impact in managing this condition effectively and ensuring optimal outcomes. It is essential we empower people with the knowledge and tools to recognise symptoms, communicate effectively with their GP, and take proactive steps towards diagnosis and timely treatment. Recognising Symptoms Heart valve disease can manifest in various ways, often depending on the specific valve affected and the severity of the condition. However, [...]

2504, 2024

Dr Madalina Garbi: ‘Guidelines developed for patients with patients’

25 April 2024|Categories: Blog, News|

In England, clinical guidelines are developed by an independent non-departmental public body, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE appoints an independent advisory committee for the guidelines, comprising healthcare professionals as well as lay representatives with lived experience, assisted by teams whose work covers evidence review and support, health economic evaluation, guideline recommendation development and quality assurance. Registered stakeholders with an interest in the guideline topic, or representing people whose practice or care may be affected by the guideline, are consulted on the draft guidelines. NICE guidelines help health professionals deliver the best possible care in the [...]

1904, 2024

Angie Martin: ‘Putting Patients at the Heart of the Guidelines’

19 April 2024|Categories: Blog, News|

I was approached by Heart Valve Voice to participate in the NICE Guideline consultation after sharing my heart valve disease story. After my story was first published, I spoke with the team and was keen to get involved in helping support other patients living with valve disease and use my experience to give back, so when they contacted me to say I could help shape guidelines, I was more than happy to get involved and contribute.  Before the consultation, I worked with the team to understand what parts of my story would be valuable and how I could help support [...]

1204, 2024

Wil’s Blog – 25 Years of NICE

12 April 2024|Categories: Blog, News|

As we mark 25 years of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the impact of its Guideline for ‘Heart valve disease presenting in adults: investigation and management’ published in 2021. Heart Valve Voice’s journey to the final guideline started in 2016 in the Churchill Rooms in Westminster. We were there to launch our Heart Healthy Future report. The then National Clinical Director for Heart Disease, Professor Huon Gray, attended the event. That day, Professor Gray told me that he had instructed NICE to look at the guidelines for [...]

1503, 2024

Heart Valve Voice wins Global Cardiovascular Award

15 March 2024|Categories: News|

Heart Valve Voice is pleased to announce that we were awarded the Global Cardiovascular Award for Best Public Awareness Campaign at a ceremony in London last night. The award was in honour of our 2023 campaigning, which saw us promote awareness of heart valve disease to millions across the UK, as well as offer thousands an opportunity for a heart check. Heart Valve Voice Executive Director, Wil Woan, said, “It was an honour to collect this award on behalf of our brilliant team and our incredible community. Through the SLOW campaign, our Your Heart Matters project and our work in community [...]

1403, 2024

Dr Clare Appleby: Addressing the Gendered Image of Cardiovascular Disease: A Call for Awareness and Action

14 March 2024|Categories: Blog, News|

In the realm of healthcare, the perception of cardiovascular disease (CVD) often conjures images of middle-aged men clutching their chests. However, this image overlooks a critical reality: women are equally susceptible to cardiovascular disease, yet their symptoms are often under-investigated, under-diagnosed and under-treated in comparison. As a society, it is imperative to dispel the gendered myths shrouding CVD and recognise the profound impact they have on women's health outcomes. In the United Kingdom, CVD remains the leading cause of mortality among women, claiming the lives of approximately 28,000 women annually. Statistics reveal that women are more likely to die within the [...]

2902, 2024

Marina McGrath Completes 190 mile Heart Month Walk

29 February 2024|Categories: News|

In a testament to her determination, Marina McGrath, a passionate advocate for Heart Valve Voice, marked the end of her remarkable fundraising walk today, leaving a trail of inspiration in her wake. The conclusion of Marina's journey not only marks her personal triumph but is also a symbol of the power of positive ageing and life after heart valve disease treatment.  Throughout Heart Month, Marina has been tirelessly pounding the pavement across England with unwavering dedication, all in support of the Heart Valve Voice, a charity she holds dear to her. She completed her 180-mile journey on Wednesday afternoon, taking her [...]

1602, 2024

Heart Valve Voice Welcomes First Patient Chairman

16 February 2024|Categories: News|

In a landmark moment for the heart valve disease community, Heart Valve Voice proudly announces the election of its new Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Phill Read. With an unmatched determination to support patients, and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by patients, Phill marks a significant milestone as the first patient to lead the Charity’s Board. Heart valve disease affects millions across the UK, presenting a range of complex challenges for patients and their families. From diagnosis to treatment and ongoing management, navigating this journey requires not only medical expertise but also empathy and an understanding of the patient experience. In electing [...]

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