The Patient Advocate Group ensures that patients’ needs and wishes are the focus of everything we do at Heart Valve Voice.

The group is a creative think tank of ideas which will boost the ways that Heart Valve Voice can raise awareness and reflect patients’ experiences.

The group’s objectives are to:

  • Provide advice and commentary to the Heart Valve Voice team which helps ensure that patients are always at the heart of our work
  • Review relevant plans and materials developed by the charity and offer constructive views on any ways in which patient focus might be enhanced in their content and delivery
  • Monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate activities being carried out by advocates and other volunteers across all of the organisation’s regions
  • Induct, train and support its members to act as spokespeople for the organisation at events or in the media
  • Ensure that the charity proactively draws on patient expertise and experience to meet its objectives and in doing so celebrates the role of patient involvement in our work

Heart Valve Voice holds regional meetings across the UK to widen the scope of participation and opinions we listen to. If you want to get involved then contact us at