Once a clinician hears a murmur, you’ll be informed that you will need an echocardiogram. An echo gives a fuller picture of your heart health, and will assess the severity of the murmur and what the next steps are for you.

This can be an incredibly anxious time, as you deal with knowing their could be a problem, but are not yet sure of the severity of the issue. Many patients have never heard of heart valve disease, so there is a fear of the unknown. While the internet is awash with information about all different conditions, it is essential that you seek information from a trusted, clinically approved, source.

Our Patient Stories sections uses the lived experience of our Heart Valve Voice Advocates to put a spotlight on what valve disease experience is like. There are stories from people of different ages and backgrounds, with different journeys. Many patients find these stories comforting, and they feel like their less alone. They also help with fear of the unknown.

Find a support group

There are local and national support groups both online and in-person. Patients come together to share their experiences, and support each other through their journey. If you would like more information about local support groups for you, email info@heartvalvevoice.com and a member of the team will help you find one.