Patient Ambassadors are our lifeblood, their work helps us improve the care for many patients as well as offering people waiting for treatment comfort and support.

Our patient ambassadors support our campaigns, promote valve disease nationally and locally and talk to patients awaiting treatment about their experiences.

If you would like to ask one of our Ambassadors a question, email and a member of the team will respond. Alternatively, if you would like to find out how to become an Ambassador yourself, email and we can support your journey from valve patient to Heart Valve Voice Ambassador.

Brenda Walker

Brenda received her TAVI in 2012. Since her treatment she has been a passionate supporter of heart valve disease, speaking at conferences in the UK and oversees, talking to the media and volunteering her time at events. A prolific writer, Brenda completed a PhD since being treated.

Livvy Gosney

Livvy was treated for heart valve disease in 2021. Since being diagnosed she has used her experience to help others by speaking in the media and in parliament, as well as contributing blogs and video blogs where she documented her valve disease journey.

Julie Morgan

Julie received her aortic valve replacement in 2021. Since being treated, she has supported Heart Valve Voice on digital campaigns, and appeared in national media discussing her experience of valve disease treatment.

Victor Hyman

Victor was treated for mitral regurgitation, but while the disease never caused him any inconvenience, it was a later bout of endocarditis that made Victor realise things were more serious than they seemed. Since treatment, Victor has volunteered for Heart Valve Voice at events across the country and currently helps run his local Ticker Club.

Angie Martin

Angie Martin was treated for heart valve disease in 2020 – her second open heart surgery after being born with a hole in her heart. Since her treatment, she has helped secure changes to NICE’s clinical guidelines for heart valve disease, spoken in Parliament about her experience and been a champion of mental health support during valve disease treatment.

David Eaton

Unknown to David, his aortic valve had been under stealthy attack from bacteria, caused by a condition called endocarditis. David received a minimally invasive keyhole procedure to replace his aortic valve and enjoys life to the fullest.