PAG Khan

Wednesday 14th December 2016

In November 2016, Heart Valve Voice’s Patient Action Group met for the first time in London. Meeting in advance of our Vision Report launch in Westminster, patients came from across the UK to inaugurate this important part of our Charity.

“The Patient Action Group will ensure that patients’ needs and wishes are the focus of everything we do at Heart Valve Voice. I want the group to be a creative think tank of ideas which will boost the ways that Heart Valve can raise awareness and reflect patients’ experiences. We also want to ensure that all our patient ambassadors are supported to perform their roles.” Mike Higginbottom, Chair of Patient Action Group and HVV Trustee.

The group’s objectives are to:

Provide advice and commentary to the Board which helps ensure that patients are always at the heart of our work.

Review relevant plans and materials being developed by the charity and offer constructive views on any ways in which patient focus might be enhanced in their content and delivery

Monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate activities being carried out by ambassadors and other volunteers across all nine of the organisation’s designated regions.

Induct, train and support its members to act as spokespeople for the organisation at event or in the media

Ensure that the charity proactively draws on patient expertise and experience to meet its objectives and in doing so celebrates the role of patient involvement in our work.

The members are Mike Higginbottom (Chair), Sue Jardine, Pat Khan, Guy Maddox, Judith Ward, Steve Langton and Mike Thurston. All members are volunteers. The group is supported by CEO Wil Woan and patient involvement expert Neil Betteridge.

The group will be busy helping Heart Valve Voice to develop and grow. Working with the executive team, it will capture patient perspectives and pass these onto the Trustee Board by listening to patients across UK (in person and on social media). They will also support the charity to target and support new ambassadors to get involved in the work of the charity, advising about how we ensure we have a the regional UK coverage we need. Most of all, the group will be working with us to find ways to promote and celebrate the benefits of heart valve surgery to people’s lives.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Patient Action Group or would like information about how to get involved as an ambassador, please send us an email: