Mile Walk

Mile Walk

Monday 19th August 2019

As part of European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week (16th September to 22nd September), Heart Valve Voice are asking our patient advocates to participate in a mile walk to celebrate the end of all the activities occurring across Europe.

The European Alliance consists of six countries who are joining together to create awareness and action within Europe for both patients and clinicians. As a round off to the week’s activities in the UK, Heart Valve Voice are asking patients to gather with family members and friends to take a moment to pledge a mile walk to their favourite location. We hope that your walk will inspire other patients, and that a simple task of walking to the shops or collecting your grandchildren or taking the dog out, are still possible after treatment.

All we ask is that when you reach your location, you take a photo and post it either to our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram with the add-ons of #heartvalveweek19 and @HeartValveVoice. We want to know what that location means to you and how that photo describes your return to a quality of life after treatment. Why this particular walk and why is it important?

Patient Advocate Pat Khan will be walking to the top of Rivington Pike on the 22nd, she progressively struggled to walk up the hill when she had her heart valve disease, and since her treatment it fills her with joy every time she walks to the top! On the 22nd she will make her Mile Walk with her granddaughter who she would have never met without her treatment.

We have recently been accepted on Just Giving and have created a Mile Walk campaign and ask that if you’d like to raise some money for your walk, we’d hugely appreciate it. If you want to raise money for your walk, please let us know and we can send you a fundraising pack. Click here to donate.