Wil worked at the Big Lottery Fund for 12 years, where he spent time as an assessor, an outreach officer and policy lead for a range of investment programmes. Wil was appointed CEO of Heart Valve Voice on the 1st January 2016.

Wil has been with Heart Valve Voice for five years. He has led a number of significant events at the chairty including the development of the Gold Standard of Care, the creation of a Heart Valve Disease All PArty Political Group in Westminister, and a number of policy reports supporting patients to ensure they get improved access to treatment.

Wil was also instrumental in establishing Heart Valve Voice in the US, Canada, Italy and Japan.

He is also the Chair of the Heart Valve Disease Council for the Global Heart Hub and poineered the first European Valve Disease Awareness Day which is now an International campaign spanning 20 countries and delivering events across a whole week.


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