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Primary Care Guidance

Tuesday 14th November 2017

This past weekend the Heart Valve Voice team attended the Issues and Answers Conference in Nottingham. The annual conference, aims to provide primary care professionals with the knowledge and understanding that will enable them to deliver best practice every day to their patients.

While at the conference, the team made some really excellent contacts in the world of primary care and promoted their new and improved Guide to Primary Care that was co-written by some of our primary care ambassadors including Dr Chris Arden, GPSI Cardiology from Southhampton. We also had a chance to catch up with Chris who helped to provide us with some new resource videos for our website that explain more about how valve disease affects the body. You can watch that video here.

The conference was jam packed with some very educational presentations including one by our very own Wil Woan, CEO who co-presented with another of our primary care ambassadors, Jassir Javaid, Northampton GP and Cardiovascular and Diabetes Clinical Lead, Nene CCG. Wil and Jassir’s presentation highlighted the importance of early detection when treating heart valve disease and was filled with detailed information on how to detect the murmurs that signify the possible presence of the disease in patients. In addition to his wonderful presentation, Jassir also helped with some resource videos including one explaining the way a stethoscope exam works which you can view on our website here.

In addition to the two resource videos mentioned above we were lucky enough to have our videographer on hand to help us produce a few more videos that we will reveal on our website and social media channels soon, you can view a great video from Joe Mills, Consultant Cardiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital who outlined the importance of being aware of the symptoms of valve disease on our Youtube channel here.

This conference was our last conference for 2017, but we’re already scheduled in for a number of upcoming 2018 events including the SCTS conference in February.