Sunday 8th March 2020

Betsy Evans - It is important to support women in science and medicine. In particular in the field of cardiac surgery to try and break down the barriers to enable nurturing of women in this field. We have to address the on-going pressures women encounter in the work place

Karen Booth - The playing field between men and women is fundamentally not equal. Once we realise this, we will enable others to reach their full potential.

Betsy Evans - Seventy percent of entry to some medical schools are now female, so barriers are breaking down, but we need to improve things still to ensure roles like ours are staffed by the very best people in the future.

Karen Booth - Part of how we improve things is through our own role modeling. As a mother of two girls, I want them to realise that their ambition should be limitless. I will strive to help them achieve their dreams, supported by me, their father and each other.Together we will achieve much more.