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Chris, Marina and David

Tuesday 8th August 2017

Meet Marina, the newest member of our Patient Action Group.

We met the amazing Marina McGrath at the BCS Conference in June and learned all about her experience with heart valve disease. Marina had aortic valve replacement surgery on 7 June 2014 and ever since, her life has been non-stop with her work, her travels and her love of having fun! Her first assignment with Heart Valve Voice as a PAG member was to help us out at this past weekend’s cricket event, where we were offering the fans over the age of 50 free stethoscope checks with our expert clinicians.

We certainly could not have reached as many fans without Marina, her enthusiasm and way with people was a big draw and she managed to help us reach more than 100 tests over the weekend. We are so glad we met Marina and can’t wait to have her with us at other events in the future!

“I had so much fun at the cricket with the Heart Valve Voice team! I am so passionate about raising awareness of heart valve disease because I know how much your life can improve with early treatment!” said Marina, “this was a great first event for me and my work with the charity there were so many great moments, but the highlight for me was getting to talk to David Gower and Shane Warne about our work, what an honour!”

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