Know Your Heart

Know Your Heart

Thursday 1st February 2024

This Heart Month, Heart Valve Voice launch our new Know Your Heart campaign, an educational campaign that will offer knowledge and insight into all aspects of a patients heart valve disease journey.

This campaign will see Heart Valve Voice look in depth at different aspects of heart valve disease pathway, and bring in voices from across the heart valve disease space to offer education and insight. Starting with awareness, we will bring in the patient perspective, clinical insight from former Clinical Director for Heart Disease, Professor Huon Gray, and our very own Executive Director, Wil Woan.

Heart Valve disease is a common, serious, but treatable condition that affects more than 1.5 million over 65s in the UK. Despite its prevalence, awareness of the disease is low. This campaign will seek to educate those living with the disease as well as the wider public on what to look out for in themselves and their loved ones.

The Know Your Heart campaign follows on from our 2022 award winning National Education Campaign, which saw 500,000 over 65s educated on heart valve disease, how to spot the symptoms in themselves or their loved ones and how it is treated. Following on from that success, the Know Your Heart campaign goes further, and will bring in patients and experts to offer a comprehensive view of heart valve disease and how the detection, diagnosis and treatment can be improved.

Heart Valve Voice Executive Director, Wil Woan, said “I am thrilled to launch this new campaign which will offer a deep dive into heart valve disease and the patient journey. We’ll be working with some of the leading voices in health to shine a spotlight on all aspects of heart valve disease and the impact it has on patients and their families. I look forward to seeing the campaign evolve, and have no doubt it will improve the publics understanding of the disease.”