Monday 27th January 2020

In response to research published in the British Medical Journal Heart Valve Voice would like to emphasise our commitment to transparency when it comes to donations from industry.

Our relationship with industry is of great importance to us, and we base this relationship upon the ethos of innovation, information and independence. In line with our commitment to independence and transparency our Industry Charter is freely available and gives details on the specifics of our relationships with industry.

Heart Valve Voice CEO Wil Woan β€œthe support of industry is important for us and our patients, but sometimes it can be misconstrued as being done for commercial gain. The truth is that in most cases, partnerships between patient groups and industry are done with the shared aim to ensure that the right patients get the right treatment at the right time. We demonstrate our commitment to this by being transparent in our dealings and ensuring that our independence is maintained at all times.”

Read our Industry Charter here.