Every year Heart Valve Voice organises regional events that raise awareness of heart valve disease. If you've been affected by heart valve disease, why not join us in promoting the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease?

Regional events are an opportunity to increase the reach of our awareness raising. They bring together patients from across the treatment pathway, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to support the work of Heart Valve Voice.

Hospital visits

Each year, we select hospitals from across the UK to visit and promote the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease. On these days, the Heart Valve Voice team are joined by healthcare professionals and local patients to discuss the heart valve disease with the public and patients awaiting treatment.

Testing events

Check ups are a direct way of impacting those with heart valve disease. The team set up a stand at an event, distribute educational materials and stethoscope test anyone who is experiencing any signs or symptoms of heart valve disease. These are an excellent way of raising awareness, and also a great way for valve disease patients to get together and talk about their experiences with each others, and the public too.

Patient Empowerment

We don't just raise awareness of heart valve disease, we also celebrate the power of positive ageing - and our Patient Experience days do just that. Patients from across the clinical pathway are invited to challenge themselves to long walks, abseils, bike rides or any other physical challenge you can think of - all in a bid to celebrate the power of positive ageing and life after valve disease treatment.

Sports events

Sporting events provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of valve disease, and we welcome the support of those affected by heart valve disease at them. We regularly attend cricket, football, rugby and athletics events, and we're open to suggestions of other opportunities. At these events re distribute educational materials, talk to people and often test patients. These are really fun days and we recommend getting involved - even if you aren't a sports lover.

We were thrilled that the check up event last summer attracted interest from the games finest, with cricket commentator David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd taking a break from his SkySports commitments to have his screening. Bumble was quick to endorse Heart Valve Voice: “When it comes to heart valve disease, it seems that if you miss it, you're out.” Click here to read about our day at the cricket