Tuesday 5th April 2016

We are delighted to announce Heart Valve Voice will provide free heart disease check ups at the England ODI in July. Heart valve disease is a prevalent, life-threatening but very treatable disease if it is diagnosed and treated early. Yet, it is much misunderstood, with very poor public awareness of a disease which affects approximately 1 million UK people aged over 65.

On the 22nd July, Heart Valve Voice will be conducting free check ups at the England ODI game against Pakistan at the Emirates Old Trafford. The diagnosis is done very simply with the traditional stethoscope and is painless, yet many over-65s are missing out on this simple step.

We were thrilled that the check up event last summer attracted interest from the games finest, with cricket commentator David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd taking a break from his SkySports commitments to have his screening. Bumble was quick to endorse Heart Valve Voice: “When it comes to heart valve disease, it seems that if you miss it, you're out.”

Mike Gatting, also a supporter of the charity said, "It's hugely important to monitor your health. If you're out of breath walking up stairs or often feel dizzy you should get to the doctors and get it checked! Heart Valve Voice are doing a wonderful job and it's great to see them in the cricket community!"

Sandy Mitchell, Head of Community Development for Lancashire County Cricket Club Foundation said, "I'm excited to work with Heart Valve Voice again, as they deliver such an important message. I’ve pledged my support on their website and I encourage the Foundation’s followers to do the same.”

Chairman of Heart Valve Voice Chris Young and Trustee Shelley Ramen Haley will be conducting the stethoscope checks. Chris said, “the purpose of our work is to give the heart valve patient a voice that is both credible and independent; providing them with a brighter future.”

Be sure to look out for Heart Valve Voice staff and volunteers if you attend a game! The more we listen, the more lives we save!