Raising awareness of heart valve disease can be as simple as discussing it with your family and friends. Here are some ideas of how you can raise awareness at a local level.

Raising awareness and educating others on the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease start with the individual. Every person told, is another person who may not only recognise those symptoms in themselves, but can also identify them in others. Every conversation we have about heart valve disease can save a life.

Here are some ideas of how you can raise awareness at a local level.

Write a Blog

Have you had an experience of heart valve disease? Why not start a blog and document your progress. The internet is awash with free, user friendly, platforms where you can talk about your experience. Share your blog through your social media profiles and your reach can grow and grow. Lived experience is a powerful tool in raising awareness, and it gives comfort and confidence to those with similar experience. Our Head of Content, Callum, can you help you plan your blog and we'll share it through on our website too.

Local Newspaper

Local newspapers are always looking for 'Good News' stories about the experiences of people in their community. Why not write in and tell them about your treatment? If you need any support in doing this, be sure to contact us at info@heartvalvevoice.com

Community Groups

A simple conversation can save the life of someone with heart valve disease. If you're a member of a community group, speak up about your experience. Educate others on the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease and you can improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease for others.

Faith Groups

Faith groups are central to many communities across the UK, and are a space where people from all demographics come together to share. If you're part of a faith group, why not ask to spend a day talking about the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease? Heart Valve Voice can supply you with educational material and the support needed to maximise the impact of the day.

Social Club

Be it sports, crafts, books, or any other hobby, social groups bring together an array of people from different backgrounds. Just having the conversation about heart valve disease can save a life. Each person you tell can identify signs and symptoms in others and educate others to recognise them too.

Marion Carrol

It is for this reason that Adrian, Jonathan and I are very adamant in our belief that not only the public, but also clinicians need to be more aware of the symptoms of heart valve disease. I know that if my mother had known more, she would have gone for tests sooner and she may even still be here today. Click here to read Marion Carrol's Blog


This isn’t just about fundraising, it's about raising awareness. Every conversation we have can save a life.