Patient Information Forum

Patient Information Forum

Sunday 29th September 2019

(UK) The implementation of our Gold Standard of Care report is our primary focus. We’ve been working really hard with the health authorities and the wheels are certainly in motion for this report to influence change. There’s still plenty of work to be done but with the help of clinicians, patients and our supporters we will get there.

(US) Two of our main activities are the continued development of our patient-focused educational webinars and Public Service Announcements. At the moment we have produced two radio PSAs in English and Spanish and we’re hoping to develop one for television which we can then repurpose for social media.

(UK) We’ll certainly be looking at more webinars too. We’ll also be coming up with more innovative campaigns which increase awareness like our Community Detection campaigns - where education in the community will widen the scope of heart valve disease detection.

(US) Education is such an important part of increasing awareness. The webinars play a vital role in the increase of education and our Continuing Medical Education program will focus on improving detection and awareness among family physicians.

(UK) Look out for our Five Year Report too. That’ll look in depth at our goals in 2020.

(US) Another exciting development that I would urge people to look out for is a Heart Valve Disease Index which we have been exploring with an impressive data platform. This could be used to identify disparities, costs, incidence as well as many other factors, and would be an extraordinary research tool for patients, clinicians and families.

(UK) That index could form a very important part of the future of heart valve disease in the US so we’re really excited to see where that goes and we’ll be looking to it to develop our own ideas too.