Thursday 24th January 2019

Heart Valve Voice often lends support to a number of studies and trials throughout each year. One such study that is a study on the The effect of obesity on outcomes after surgery for degenerative mitral valve disease.

This study was conducted by the Cardiac Surgical group from Bristol Royal Infirmary, using a large national database to determine the relationship between obesity measures and early clinical outcomes following mitral valve surgery for degenerative disease. The outcomes of the study looked at all cause in-hospital mortality, postoperative cerebrovascular event (CVA) and deep sternal wound infection (DSWI). This study was based on data acquired from the United Kingdom

National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit (NACSA), maintained by the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR) Hunaid Vohra (Bristol Surgeon), a Heart Valve Voice Ambassador, said “thanks to support from Heart Valve Voice this study will help us understand issues that effect patient recovery after mitral valve surgery and how we can help to improve patient experiences as well as patient outcomes.” Using NICOR data, over the past few months the team at Bristol has looked at the outcomes of mitral valve surgery in the UK (England and Wales only) focusing mainly on the effect of body mass index.

The aim was to determine whether underweight and/or obese patients are at higher risk of mortality and early complications, both for mitral repair and mitral replacement.

We look forward to seeing final results from the study in the coming months.