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Published On: 11 March 2019Categories: News

LONDON, 11 March 2019 – Heart Valve Voice has launched our report ‘Towards a 
Heart Healthy Future: A Gold Standard in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Heart Valve Disease in Adults’ at the 2019 Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference.

Having previously launched our 2020 Vision report that set out recommendations for heart healthy future in the Houses of Parliament in 2016, our latest report sets in place protocols to be used across all levels of the healthcare system. These protocols have been developed to ensure that patients with heart valve disease are being diagnosed early and are reaching the appropriate secondary care team for treatment.

Significant variation in the rates of diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease exists across the UK. The Towards a Heart Healthy Future report sets out recommendations and quality statements that will help to achieve an earlier diagnosis of this condition for patients and timely provision of the treatments which can do so much to help improve the length and quality of life for those affected.

We’re thrilled to have the support of Professor Huon Gray National Clinical Director for Cardio Vascular Disorders at NHS England who said “I commend Heart Valve Voice for their work on this report. They have brought together this Working Group of leading clinicians and patients to describe the challenges faced by professionals and patients in managing valve disease and have suggested ways in which services might be improved. This will help us in our collective ambition to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, and will support objectives related to heart valve disease set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. I look forward to working with Heart Valve Voice and others in achieving this.”

The next steps following the release of the Heart Healthy Future Report include developing and Implementation Task Force who will work together to agree upon the best way execute the quality statements and recommendations set out in our report. We will also identify any overlap between our Gold Standard recommendations and opportunities for change in the NHS environment. From there, we can identify objectives and agree on a strategy to ensure specific recommendations are carried out.

“Heart Valve Voice’s mission is to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart valve disease in the UK. Through our work with patients, clinicians, policy makers and the general public we are proud that this report sets out clear recommendations for a heart healthy future.” commented Wil Woan, CEO of Heart Valve Voice.

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