MP Steve McCabe Patient Portraits: A New You Photography Shoot

Published On: 10 July 2018Categories: News

​As we reach the last stages of the Patient Portraits: A New You Photography Competition, our regional winners are working hard to capture life after valve disease treatment with our volunteer patient models.

Recently, in honour of the work of our photographers, one of our selection panel members, Alex Rotas, Professional Documentary Photographer met with MP Steve McCabe from Birmingham to photograph him going about his busy day as an MP. Steve is a former heart valve disease patient who has has gone on to achieve amazing things following his treatment, “I am living proof that with early diagnosis and proper treatment, these conditions needn’t be debilitating,” said Steve. The mini photographic documentary is a great example of how life doesn’t have to end with a valve disease diagnosis.

“Steve was such a lovely and informative host,” recalled Alex. “My remit was to show that there’s life after heart valve disease, and with Steve’s help I think I managed to demonstrate that. Steve was representative of not only life – but energy, drive, focus and an abundance of joy.”

The aim of the second half of the photography competition is to show how many heart valve disease patients are able to get the most out of their lives. While many valve disease patients may not have schedules as hectic as Steve’s more often than not they staying busy either through going back to work, spending time with their families, getting involved in activities, learning new things or getting out and seeing the world. Things they would not be able to do without timely diagnosis and treatment.

The regional finalists have been hard at work photographing their patient models going about their active everyday lives and showing them getting the most out of their returned quality of life. The next and final stage of the competition will see the completed photographic documentaries displayed in an exhibition at the Houses of Parliament this coming autumn where the overall winner will be announced. “It is going to be a real pleasure to have the chance to look through all of the amazing photographic documentaries to choose the national winner,” said selection panel member Christina Bannister, Nurse Case Manager in Cardiac Surgery at Southampton General Hospital. “Valve disease patients who have been treated and have gained back their quality of life are truly inspirational and prove that there is real power behind positive ageing.”

To find out more and to see the photographs of our regional winners visit the Patient Portraits website:

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