Marina’s 2024 Fundraising Mission

Published On: 18 January 2024Categories: News

This year, Heart Valve Voice advocate Marina McGrath has decided to take on a marathon of challenges to mark her 70th birthday and raise money for Heart Valve Voice. Every month until November, Marina will take on a different challenge to highlight the quality of life after heart valve disease treatment, starting with a 180-mile virtual walk from her home in Sale to the hospital in London where she was treated.

Originally treated for aortic stenosis in 2014, Marina encountered complications, which meant she needed a second valve replacement, which she received at Royal Brompton Hospital in 2021.

You can read her story here.

Now, Marina wants to highlight how her valve disease treatment has improved her life.

So, throughout 2024 until her 70th birthday in November, Marina will face a series of physical challenges. From abseiling down Liverpool Football Stadium to walking across canyons in Wales, completing the Manchester 10k and walking from her home in Sale to her hospital in London where she was treated, Marina is making it her mission to highlight the power of positive ageing.

Her Marinathon begins with a virtual walk, which will see her take the 460,000 steps  (180 miles) from her front door in Sale, Manchester, to Royal Brompton Hospital, London. She’ll be joined along the way by people who helped her throughout her journey and others who have been a huge part of her life since, including her surgeon Mr Toufan Bahrami! The walk starts today and will end on the February 29th, the last day of World Heart Month 2024.

For every £1000 Marina raises, Heart Valve Voice has pledged to educate 100,000 over 65s on the symptoms of heart valve disease and what to do if they or anyone they know experience them. So donate today and support Marina as she takes on her biggest challenge yet – every pound donated could save a life!

So please give generously, and help Marina reach her goal of £5000!

Click here to donate to Marina’s Mission

Marina said, “As I approached my 70th, I wanted to do something to show the life-changing impact my heart valve disease treatment has had, and I thought of no better way than testing myself throughout the year! Since my treatment, Heart Valve Voice has been a huge support for me, as it is for many others in my situation, so please follow my marathon of challenges and donate if you can, every penny raised could save a life!”

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