Heart Valve Voice Host Evidence Roundtable at HMS Belfast

Published On: 2 November 2023Categories: News

This week, Heart Valve Voice hosted a Roundtable on the HMS Belfast to discuss how clinicians, patients and industry professionals can improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease.

On the day, opinion leaders from across the UK came together to discuss how we can unlock barriers. Participants highlighted the current state of play in valve disease care, and how we can improve the pathway through the adoption of new innovations and new ways of working.

The conversation was centred around three topics:

  1. What are the barriers/solutions to improving early detection?
  2. How do we improve access to treatment for all?
  3. How do we increase capacity and address unmet need?

Former National Clinical Director for Heart Disease, Professor Huon Gray, chaired the discussion, the results of which will published in a report which will be launched at an event in Parliament in the coming months.

Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Heart Valve Disease, Steve McCabe MP, said: “I thank the clinicians and opinion leaders from across the valve space for coming together to discuss how patients, clinicians and policymakers can implement an action plan to improve patient outcomes. The results of this discussion will be the building blocks for the APPG’s work in 2024, and I look forward to sharing it with colleagues from across the House at an event next year.”

Heart Valve Voice thanks Dr Douglas Muir, Dr Jonathan Byrne, Nirali Sisodia, Dr Clare Appleby, Dr Keith Pearce, Dr Yassir Javaid, Neil Betteridge, Alison Banayoti, Mark Grumbridge and Industry Representatives for their important contributions to the Roundtable.

Heart Valve Voice Executive Director Wil Woan said: “A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this important roundtable. At Heart Valve Voice, we’ve been working to understand the barriers to improved detection and treatment, and this Roundtable has gone a long way to identifying them. We’ll now put together a report and action plan with clear, measurable goals, which we’ll work with clinicians, patients, policymakers and industry supporters to implement.”

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