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Patient Quality of Life

Sunday 29th September 2019

(US) Our aim is that patients will be more aware and better informed through ours and our partners’ efforts and that they will be empowered to take more control over their treatment.

(UK) I think this building of alliances to strengthen our voice will be central to the future of valve disease in the cardiovascular landscape. I’ll be working closely with our European partners as well as Global Heart Hub to improve our educational resources and come up with more innovative methods of teaching and campaigning.

(US) Partnerships and alliances will certainly be an important means of strengthening our programmes and will help us produce resources and implement new guidelines that will embed valve disease in the cardiovascular landscape.

(UK) Definitely, European Alliance Week will provide us with key partnerships which we can collaborate with for future research and campaigns.

(US) Knowledge and research is just so important. Improved knowledge gives patients a higher degree of control over their care and they will be better positioned to make more informed decisions about their best treatment options.

(UK) As well as providing the families with more comfort and confidence in the care being provided for their loved ones. I think our Power of Positive Ageing report will develop this further, as well as helping to reshape minds and perceptions of the ageing process itself.

(US) Certainly! Ultimately, as technology continues to evolve patients and families will rightly have higher expectations of care and the patient’s ability to live fulfilling lives with heart valve disease. Delivering these fulfilling lives will drive Heart Valve Voice over the next 5 years and longer and that will shape the cardiovascular landscape.

(UK) Totally agree with that. Delivering quality of life to our patients and giving more time to be spent with their loved ones will colour all that we do over the next 5 years and, help us shape the cardiovascular landscape so that patients themselves are the foundations of it.