Heart Valve Voice News

16 May 2022

SCTS 2022 Recap

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6 May 2022

Joe Munro's Heart Valve Disease Story

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22 April 2022

SCTS virtual run 2022

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14 April 2022

Mary Kernick's Heart Valve Disease Story

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13 January 2022

Wil's Blog - Reflecting on 2021 and Looking Forward to 2022

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13 August 2021

Wil's Awareness Week 2021 Blog

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5 August 2021

Wil's Blog on the APPG Report into Valve Disease Care in the UK

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4 August 2021

Angie's Blog on Sharing her Story with the APPG for Heart Valve Disease

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Clinician Updates

22 June 2017

Pioneering heart valve implantation procedures performed by Heart Valve Voice clinical ambassadors

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