Heart Valve Voice News

14 September 2020

Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2020

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11 September 2020

Steve McCabe MP: My Mitral Repair Story

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21 August 2020

Jeanine Jones: My Endocarditis Story

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11 August 2020

Virtual Appointment Guide

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12 August 2020

Wil's Blog - Heart Valve Voice's Virtual Appointment Guide

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30 July 2020

Livvy Gosney's Pre Treatment Blog

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15 July 2020

Wil's Blog: Best Practice in Digital Appointments

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15 June 2020

Wil's Blog - Just Go Campaign

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Clinician Updates

11 March 2019

Towards a 
Heart Healthy Future

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5 February 2019

NICE Guidelines: Investigation and management of heart valve disease in adults.

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24 January 2019

Bristol team looks at Outcomes of mitral valve surgery in UK

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14 January 2019

The UK Mini Mitral Trial

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