Heart Valve Voice News

14 September 2020

Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2020

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11 September 2020

Steve McCabe MP: My Mitral Repair Story

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21 August 2020

Jeanine Jones: My Endocarditis Story

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11 August 2020

Virtual Appointment Guide

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17 March 2020

Wil's Blog COVID-19 Update

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13 March 2020

Ian Berry Update - Getting Back On My Bike

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3 March 2020

Innovation in Patient Pathways

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19 February 2020

World Heart Month

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Clinician Updates

17 January 2020

Castle Hill Hospital First TAVI Patient

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9 October 2019

The Third China International Structural Heart Disease Conference

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19 September 2019

Heart Valve Voice today launches its report;
 ‘State of the Nation: Heart Valve Disease in Wales’

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18 September 2019

Unwarranted Variation Report

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