Heart Valve Voice News

13 April 2021

Martyn O'Connors Covid-19 Valve Disease Story

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31 March 2021

Livvy Gosney's #JustTreatUs Story

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23 March 2021

Virtual run on the 8th of May

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8 March 2021

IWD2021 - Life After Heart Surgery

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19 January 2021

Wil's Blog #JustGo

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7 December 2020

Wil's #JustTreatUs Blog

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17 November 2020

A Statement From CEO Wil Woan "Delaying Treatment now will lead to worse outcomes"

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20 October 2020

Wil's Blog - COVID-19 Second Wave

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Clinician Updates

22 June 2017

Pioneering heart valve implantation procedures performed by Heart Valve Voice clinical ambassadors

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