Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

Friday 14th February 2020

Valentine's Day is all about spending time with your significant other and taking the moment to pay special attention to them. Heart Valve Voice is taking this opportunity to encourage everyone to take a second to think about the symptoms of heart valve disease.

The signs and symptoms of valve disease can be subtle and go unnoticed. Has your partner been hiding symptoms? Are they active as they were a year ago? We find that anecdotally many patients talk about a partner noticing their symptoms before they do, with their partner being the main drive behind them asking for a stethoscope check. Some patients relay on a partner to recognise their symptoms as it is difficult to see a gradual decline in their own health.

With that in mind, Heart Valve Voice has put a few questions together to ask yourself this Valentine's about your partner’s health:

  1. Have they given up a hobby or sport due to old age or tiredness?
  2. Do they drive to the shops instead of walking like they did a year ago?
  3. Are they less active with the grandchildren?
  4. Are they fatigued more and need to rest more often?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions then maybe it’s time to sit down with your partner and discuss their health. Simply making them aware of the limitations that are present in their life can make your partner more aware of their symptoms. Take a step further, suggest attending a GP appointment with them and asking for stethoscope check.

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