Monday 7th November 2016

Here we talk to one of the leading Healthcare Professionals across the UK.

My name is Olaf Wendler, and I am a Professor of Cardiac Surgery at King's College London, a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and a Co-Director of London Valves 2016. The conference is a wonderful place for experts to gather and share experience and knowledge in the field of valvular and structural heart disease and also for meeting organisations and charities who work in this area. I was invited to attend a one-to-one session with Wil Woan, CEO of Heart Valve Voice, a charity which aims to tackle the under-diagnosis and the under-treatment of people with heart valve disease in the UK.

I was very excited to hear about the current and upcoming campaigns they are involved in to promote awareness of the disease and improve treatment access for patients, including the parliamentary launch of their 2020 Vision Report, the presentation of their primary care guidance at the Issues and Answers Conference, and grassroots activities such as their National Football Tackle Valve Disease Check-up Programme. I look forward to supporting with some of these activities!