Pat Khan

Pat Khan

Friday 23rd March 2018

Heart Valve Voice was one of ten patient organisations to attend the first Masterclass on interventional procedures and medical technologies evaluation organised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The Masterclass - part of the Institute’s strategy to revamp its image to be less corporate and more patient focussed - was held in London in February. Heart Valve Voice sent one of its Patient Ambassadors and Trustees, Pat Khan, to listen and learn.

“A significant number of procedures looked at by the Institute involve valvular devices, which are revolutionising the treatment of heart valve disease, so it was especially relevant for us to have a patient representative at the inaugural Masterclass,” said Wil Woan, Chief Executive of Heart Valve Voice.

Heart Valve Voice is the only charity in Britain dedicated to raising awareness of heart valve disease and has first-hand experience of the benefit and value of close co-operation with NICE. This year, Heart Valve Voice is planning to present NICE with a robust case for new guidelines to improve the diagnosis and treatment of valve disease across the UK, based on expert input from clinicians and involvement from patients.

“We know that NICE’s role is to improve outcomes for people using the NHS and other public and social care services by studying evidence. Through an open and transparent process of genuine consultation, we will be able to present a strong case for a new piece of guidance for primary care professionals,” said Wil.

Kevin Harris, Programme Director and Consultant Clinical Advisor for NICE, commented: “We produce or publish only about thirty pieces of guidance annually, and each topic is rigorously debated. NICE is credible because it is independent and GPs and doctors expect our guidelines to reflect quality and transparency and to sit within the societal values of the UK, not necessarily the rest of the world.

“We hope our Masterclass series will whet the appetite of other patient organisations to get involved, as Heart Valve Voice has done and will help NICE to revamp its image, making it more patient-focussed.”