Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Rebecca Hough, Listening To Hearts

Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Rebecca Hough, Listening To Hearts

Friday 23rd July 2021

This year, Heart Valve Voice launched our 100,000 Conversations campaign with the aim to start a national conversation about the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease. As part of the campaign, we have invited everyone effected by heart valve disease to join us and #TalkValveDisease. This month, Leighton Hospital's Cardiology Team set up a stand in the hospital to #TalkValveDisease and listen to hearts.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Rebecca Hough said:

"On Thursday 15th July the Cardiology Team took to the Crossroads in Leighton Hospital to raise awareness of Heart Valve Voice's 100,000 Conversations campaign and symptoms that may represent undiagnosed heart valve disease.

As part of this event, on the day we offered stethoscope checks to any willing members of staff (performed in private rooms).

The event was a huge success and attracted lots of interest on the day. We originally started out on the day doing examinations using one room and very quickly had to find 2 additional rooms. Staff were queueing in the corridors to speak to us. We examined around 100 staff members and identified a small number of previously unknown heart murmurs - these people were signposted to the GP for further investigation."


Thank you, Rebecca and the team at Leighton Hospital, for all you do for people living with heart valve disease. Heart Valve Voice CEO, Wil Woan, said "This kind of event is exactly what Heart Valve Voice and our 100,000 Conversations campaign is all about. We know that the more hearts we listen to, the better the chances of early detection of heart valve disease and the more lives we will save. When we started the 100,000 Conversations campaign, I told the team that this campaign would help to save lives, and this kind of event helps us do that. I cannot thank the team at Leighton enough for supporting the campaign, raising awareness of heart valve disease, and everything they do for patients. 

If you're a clinician or a patient and would like to support an event to raise awareness of heart valve disease, email and a team member will do all we can to help you. 

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