Sunday 8th March 2020

Betsy Evans - My father was very ill when I was 11-14 and treated in London away from home for many months. I saw the way that he recovered and was able to return to a full active life bringing up 4 children together with my mother. He was not a medic but an industrial chemist, my mother was an anaesthetist - the first doctor in her family. Seeing that transformation of my father’s health was paramount in deciding my career path.

Karen Booth - I was born and raised into a family who taught me to put the need of others ahead of my own. Medicine offered me the opportunity to care for those in my community who are in the greatest need and I have never looked back. Now as one of the youngest appointed adult cardiac surgeons and cardiothoracic transplant consultants at the Freeman Hospital, I have never looked back on my career choice.

Betsy Evans - Parents are so influential in what we do. My parents were instrumental in my support at school academically, they were the first in both their respective families to go to university.