Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Heart Valve Voice, the UK’s first and only heart valve disease charity, has pledged its support for Arrhythmia Alliance’s Heart Rhythm Week 2015 (01-07 June).

Both Heart Valve Voice and Arrhythmia Alliance share the aim of improving the diagnosis, treatment and management of potentially life-threatening heart conditions. Heart Valve Voice works to raise awareness of the severity and symptoms of heart valve disease amongst the UK general public, whilst Arrhythmia Alliance focuses on cardiac arrhythmias or heart rhythm abnormalities that can be a symptom of heart valve disease.

Shipley GP, Dr Matt Fay, who is the founder of the Bradford Arrhythmia Support Group commented: “As a charity which aims to highlight the under-diagnosis of heart valve disease, Heart Valve Voice is keen to support all campaigns which aim to raise awareness amongst the public of the signs and symptoms of serious heart conditions and the importance of the over-65s regularly getting their heart checked. As a result I am proud to be a member of Heart Valve Voice’s faculty and to be hosting a heart arrhythmia awareness event to mark this year’s Heart Rhythm Week.”