Friday 5th August 2022

This year as part of Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2022, Heart Valve Voice is taking a petition to 10 Downing Street to ask Government to increase funding for the diagnosis and care of people with severe aortic stenosis.

Severe aortic stenosis (AS) is a serious condition with a prognosis of fewer than five years without timely treatment. While the NICE Guidelines for Heart Valve Disease created a blueprint for valve disease care in the UK, it is Heart Valve Voice’s view that the NHS must increase funding for patients with severe AS and introduce a plan for increasing the detection and timely treatment of those with this life-threatening condition, as it does for many cancers with comparable poor prognoses.

Research released earlier this year found that roughly 200,000 people currently have severe AS in the UK, but the majority are either undetected or go untreated. Without an increase in funding and proactive action now, many of those patients face the risk of losing their life.

An increase in funding and a priority pathway could save tens of thousands of lives. While AS is serious, it is treatable. Once treated, patients get back to a good quality of life with the people they love.

Click here to sign our petition today.

But the work doesn’t stop there. We need your help to get as many signatures as possible! So copy and paste the below, send it to your friends, families, and colleagues, and post it on all your social media channels. The more signatures we get, the louder our voice and the better our chance of making change.

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Sign Heart Valve Voice’s petition to help prevent unnecessary deaths from heart disease! It only takes 30 seconds and could save lives! #SaveLivesFromHeartValveDisease

Heart Valve Voice Executive Director, Wil Woan, said, "Over the years, we have posted hundreds of stories from people who were successfully treated for aortic stenosis and have gone on to achieve incredible things after treatment. But we're now reaching an impasse where treatment levels do not match prevalence, and proactive action needs to be taken now. In recent years we have heard more and more tragic stories from families who have lost loved ones to this treatable condition, and something needs to be done now so that nobody else loses someone one to this condition. Please sign and share the petition, it could save a life!"